Ballentine's Coffee & Natural Juice Company is at the forefront, in product development, of manufacturing companies in the UK and Ireland, through both its methodology of roasting and service to customers.
Ballentine's continue to use traditional methods: by gas-fired roasting of coffee beans.

Ballentine's Coffee & Natural Juice Company can provide the discerning Coffee House and Restaurant with a complete range of meticulously crafted ground and whole bean blends. Ballentine's can even offer a tailored service by roasting beans to the customers own taste and specification.

Ballentine's staff have had a high degree of specialist "hands on" training and have developed expertise in artisan roasting and quality control. Our staff have also qualified with major manufacturing suppliers in the proficient use and maintenance of specialist coffee brewing and espresso machines.

In-House blend / taste development.
Selected raw beans from selected brokers.
Certified organic and fair trade beans - as required.
Strict quality control.
Frequency of roasting to maximise product freshness.
Next day delivery is the Company norm.

Ballentine's are confident that we can satisfy the coffee demands of your current clientele and help you exploit the increasing market demand for specialist roasts.

Ballentine's Coffee & Natural Juice Company can also supply a comprehensive range of natural fruit juices and smoothies and a selected range of complimentary additives and supplies to ensure your customers enjoy their coffee experience to the full.

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